SanDisk’s 1GB WORM SD card

You can think of SanDisk’s latest WORM SD card like a mini time capsule… for criminals. As the name implies, these write-once-read-many cards are tamperproof slivers of flash storage that can only be written to once by an SD WORM-compatible device like, say, those security cameras, witness voice recorders, and photo cameras used by the police. SanDisk claims that the data will still be readable after 100 years, long after you and your crimes have been forgotten. Why the fuss after not hearing about SanDisk’s SD WORM ambitions since 2008? Well, Sandisk just announced that Japan’s police force will use the SanDisk SD WORM card “as the storage media of choice for tamper-proof forensic image archiving.” We suspect that the Yakuza will be getting right on that “tamper-proof” claim just as soon as they finish viewing the video embedded after the break.



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